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About Angela Carr Patterson

Angela Carr Patterson has helped women gain personal power in their lives for almost 4 decades. Known to many as The Love Lifestyle Coach, Angela believes not only is LOVE possible for everyone, it's inevitable when you know how to make love work. 


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Her:  I went to my laser session with Angela armed with everything that was wrong in my relationship.  I left armed with everything that is going right.  Angela made sure that we clearly understood the strengths in our relationship that we may not have recognized on our own.  The realization of this has given us confidence and motivation to continue to strengthen us as we move forward.

Him:  As a Black man, I would encourage other Black men to engage in sessions with Angela.  I never would have considered anything like this before.  Angela is fair, she is relatable, and her intuition is spot on.  She explained historical and generational patterns within our culture that helped paint a picture of what can contribute to relationship struggles. She really helped me to understand things about myself and my relationship.

Rafael  & Tiffany
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Months ago, I listened in on your relationship program…I took in a lot of what you said. I never realized that I had been doing some of the wrong things and looking for the wrong type of guy. But as I wrote my realistic list, things seemed optimistic. Later, I met a guy who became my friend and confidant on my journey. I got out of my comfort zone…and I’m so glad I did. He’s 52 and I’m 40…he is a half inch shorter than me, but encourages me to embrace my 5 inch heels…I figured out that in other situations, I always felt like a mouse caught in the corner with nowhere to run. I couldn’t be myself. I couldn’t express myself or be comfortable in my own skin. But because of my love for myself and embracing all of me, I found a reflection. I have never been happier…best of all, I didn’t lose myself in the relationship, and if anything, he has made an impact in my life by encouraging me to write again and be myself. I’ve never felt more complete. Thanks again Angela

Ursula Kelly