Every visionary woman knows the challenge of balancing work demands with pursuing a fulfilling love relationship. Despite our resilience, facing heartbreak after heartbreak can leave you questioning the possibility of ever finding lasting love. If you're wondering whether true love is still within your reach, let me assure you: it is not only possible but inevitable for you.

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This inevitability comes from the courage to confront and heal from the deep-seated patterns that have held you back from the love you seek and deserve. It's about more than just recognizing these issues—it's about embarking on a transformative journey to heal, grow, and transcend them. This is the path to discovering the loving, enduring relationship that is your birthright.


Angela Carr Patterson guides you on this journey through The Awakened Love Laser Session. This intimate, two-hour session (via Zoom) will enhance your current relationships or dating experience by introducing you to The Awakened Love Relationship System. Specifically tailored for visionary women, this system is a powerful tool for healing emotional wounds and overcoming barriers to love. With Angela's guidance, you'll learn how to forge relationships that are not only satisfying but also profoundly fulfilling on every level. Welcome to a new definition of love—Welcome to Awakened LOVE!

A One-on-One Laser Coaching Session w/ Angela Carr Patterson

You will not want to miss this opportunity to work up close and personal with Angela Carr Patterson as she shares the tools to Making Love Work.


What You Will Learn: 

Part One: Angela will ask three questions to reveal exactly where you are in your relationship journey and why you've been stuck there. 

Part Two: Angela will ask you three questions that will get to the root: the block, barriers, and beliefs preventing you from experiencing the kind of relationship you deserve and desire. 

Part Three: Angela will give you a step-by-step process to help you heal any unhealed relationship wounds and steps to find, create, and sustain a mutually loving relationship that will last a lifetime. 


This will be done in two hours with Global Visionary Strategist and Love Curator Angela Carr Patterson. This will be a fun, interactive, and engaging experience with many ah-ha moments, bing-bing moments, and awakenings—laughter, tears, fun, and YES, some practical skills to an Awakened Love. 

"What They Are Saying About Working w/ Angela in Her Awakened Love Process"


She Said: "I went to my session w/ Angela armed with everything wrong in my relationship. I left armed with everything right. Angela ensured we clearly understood the strengths in our relationship that we may not have recognized on our own. The realization of this has given us confidence and motivation to continue to strengthen us as we move forward." 

He Said:  "As a black man, I would encourage other black men to engage in sessions with Angela. I never would have considered anything like this before. Angela is fair, she's relatable, and her intuition is spot on. She explained historical and generational patterns within our culture that helped paint a picture of what can contribute to relationship struggles. She really helped me to understand things about myself and my relationship." --Rafael and Tiffany (Update: They are now engaged to be married)


"It’s like we’re on the same page in the same book. No, We’re on the same sentence in the same paragraph. These are the sentiments from the man of my dreams and what we shared with one another. Thank you, Angela, for your candid conversations and coaching on finding love again. It was on my journey to living love as a lifestyle that I began to embrace all of me. I was able to unlock my inner desire for love and to become the kind of person I wanted to be married to. Angela helped me to discover patterns in my relationships and, most importantly, not to carry past fears/ issues into the next relationship. I am grateful that I yielded." -- Jim and Leslie Jenkins (Update: They dated four months, both over 65 years of age, and are now happily married)


"I met a wonderful man and immediately knew two things: 1) I would be connected to him in some way for a very long time, and 2) I needed Angela Carr Patterson immediately. Having taken her workshop, it was clear she was the expert and knew many things about men and love that I needed to know. The workshop established a good foundation for me and a framework for the changes I needed to make in order to get the love I wanted in my life. However, in this case, with this man, I wanted specific guidance and insight through coaching with Angela specifically for me. In short, Angela unlocked things that were holding me back and shed light on this situation from his perspective. Her coaching was invaluable, and I am happy to say that we are enjoying a solid, beautiful, safe relationship in which we are discussing marriage and our long-term future. I can’t thank Angela enough." --Female, Age 53. (Update: They are now happily married.)


"After going through a tough breakup that broke my heart, Angela helped me not only take responsibility for my own mistakes but also realize that I did not need to seek to restore that relationship. She also helped me realize that I needed to take some time to get still and to heal. Angela is a great listener with amazing insight, intuition, and vision. The best part of working with Angela is that she does not make you feel judged for your poor decisions, but she helps you to grow from your mistakes by simply asking questions that allow you to reach the highest understanding. I looked forward to our coaching sessions. I know what it’s like to cry, laugh, and be stretched in the same session. Through this healing process, Angela prepared me to start dating again with the skills and confidence needed."--Male Client, Age 48



"I got married at 20, and 15 years later, I’m a widow and single mother. Dating had changed, and I had no clue where to begin. Angela walked me through the most important first steps on my new journey. I had first to learn to love myself and discover what I really wanted as I began to move forward. That’s just what I did." --Female Client Age 42 (Update: She's now happily married)


"I watched your Facebook lives and Facebook after-darks and listened to you saying love yourself and raise your vibration, among other things. It gave me the confirmation and confidence to walk away from what and who no longer served me or satisfied what I was looking for. For years, I held onto someone, knowing he wasn’t it, but I didn’t want to be alone. Knowing all along, I was alone anyway. The bottom line is that hearing you say something confirmed what I already knew, but it woke up my sleeping giant. I let go and didn’t look back. Once my hands were free, God Blessed me with the sweetest gift of Rafael, not even a year later! He’s 52, and I’m 40…he is a half-inch shorter than me but encourages me to embrace my 5-inch heels…I figured out that in other situations, I always felt like a mouse caught in the corner with nowhere to run. I couldn’t be myself. I couldn’t express myself or be comfortable in my own skin. But because of my love for myself and embracing all of me, I found a reflection. I have never been happier…best of all, I didn’t lose myself in the relationship, and if anything, he has made an impact in my life by encouraging me to write again and be myself. I’ve never felt more complete. So Thank you, Angela!! You are truly a Blessing and a gift to the world." -- Ursula (Update: Ursula and Rafael are now happily married)


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