Awakened Love Bootcamp

For Visionary Women 40 and Over

Presented by Global Visionary Strategist Angela Carr Patterson



Dear Visionary Woman,

If you're over 40 and yearn for a deeply fulfilling, mutually satisfying, and sustainable love, you're not alone. The journey to finding true love can often feel like an uphill struggle, but it doesn’t have to be. I'm Angela Carr Patterson, and I am here to guide you through a transformative experience—the An Awakened Love BootCamp.


Why We Need This Boot Camp?

As a life coach, I've listened to countless women share their struggles within their relationships. Many feel as if they are on the brink of giving up, grappling with unfulfillment and a sense of invisibility in their marriages, or weary from the emotional roller coaster of the dating scene.

This isn't just a personal crisis; it's a communal one, affecting our families and communities, echoing up to the very foundations of our nations.

But here’s the heartening truth: although it takes two to tangle a relationship, just one inspired person can start the transformation.

While we learn many skills growing up, very few of us have ever been taught how to love. The most crucial lesson we must understand is that love is a skill to be learned, not just a feeling to be found.

This belief fuels my mission to empower women over 40 through the An Awakened Love Bootcamps, where we learn to redefine love, dating, and marriage.


What Will You Learn:

Laying the Foundation: Learn the essential keys to building a sustainable relationship model. When we don’t know what a sound relationship model should look like, we create something that will not last. Based on 40 years of research, our model will meet human needs and is designed to last a lifetime. You need the right model.

Build is Strong: Now that you know what a sound relationship model looks like, you will learn the keys to building it strong, such as fostering real closeness, daily turn-to, and the 4 Pillars to Stronger Bonds.

Communication and Conflict: Learn how to navigate the two kinds of conflicts that confront every relationship and how to avoid the four relationship killers that will destroy any relationship.

Awaken Your Love Life: Learn six things you and your beloved can do weekly to maintain an Awakened Love. These six magical hours each week will change your love life forever. 


Why I Am Doing This Boot Camp:

I personally understand the challenges of navigating love and relationships. After my marriage of fifteen years ended in divorce in 1994, the hardest choice I made was to pause and reflect—to not rush through the healing and learning process even though every part of me wanted to push forward quickly to regain a sense of security and clarity. I had to embrace the discomfort and emptiness, resisting the urge to fill the void with another premature relationship. This deliberate pause allowed me the space to transform, unlearn old patterns, and adopt new perspectives.

True transformation requires patience and an openness to endure the growing pains of evolving from who we were to who we aspire to be. By committing to this journey, seeking guidance, and facing my deepest fears, I emerged on a path filled with brighter possibilities.

Today, I share a profound love with my now wonderful husband of nearly 22 years. Our love is not without flaws, but it perfectly suits who we are together. The key was learning—learning to understand and navigate love in a way that many of us were never taught.

I am eager to pass on this learning through the An Awakened Love Bootcamp for Women 40 and over. If you're ready to explore new dimensions of love and relationships, join us. Let's embark on this enlightening journey together and discover the transformative power of knowledge and love. My approach is holistic, heart-centered, and grounded in real strategies that work.


"An Awakened Love Bootcamp"

Sunday, May 19th, 2024 @ 2 PM -6PM ET

Via Angela's Zoom Room!

Married, Single, Divorced, Separated, Widowed or It's Complicated...This Bootcamp is for YOU! 

This isn't just another relationship workshop. It's a profound journey of self-discovery and healing designed for women like you: insightful, experienced, and ready for a love that resonates with your soul. 

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