"Redefining How Women Do Love, Dating, and Marriage"


Based on years of research, studies and personal experiences, and a trained Relationship Leader, Angela Carr Patterson will help women learn how to dramatically improve their love life and create An Awakened Love. Many of us wonder if LOVE is even possible for us anymore. Not only is LOVE possible for you, it's inevitable.

It’s inevitable when you are willing to delve deep enough into the shadows of your old hidden, unrecognizable patterns that have prevented you from achieving the kind of relationship you desire and deserve. It’s not enough for us to see our issues, but we must begin to heal, transform, and transcend our issues. Then and only then can we experience the kind of loving relationship that’s rightfully ours.

If you are currently in a relationship that is experiencing some challenges or you simply want to improve your relationship skills, this VIP Day is for you. Or perhaps, you're single and the dating scene has changed and you're not sure if you can navigate those difficult waters anymore. Yet, you want to attract love into your life...this program is for you. You will learn some things. You will be challenged by some truths. You will also grow and expand onto new levels so you can experience an Awakened Love that will last a lifetime. 

Are You Ready to Awaken Love?

We all can admit that the human family is in crisis. Therefore, if our relationships continue to fail, our families will fail.  And when our families fail, our communities fail. When our communities fail, our nations fail. I am on a mission to help women redefine how they do love, dating and marriage. Because women know how to love from the human heart, daily. However, where we have missed it is knowing how to "Make Love Work."

This VIP Day Experience is about helping you take a closer and deeper look into how you have been showing up in your relationships and offer you some tools, strategies, and modalities to build a sustainable love that will last a lifetime...An Awakened Love. 


What’s Included in Your VIP Day Experience?


Identify Your Love Archetype

You will take our Love Archetype Quiz to learn how you have been showing up in your relationships and what you can improve upon. 


Heal Your Beliefs Around Love

Beliefs dictate what we think, say and do and can serve as barriers to love. You will transform your beliefs into new ones that will get you the kind of love you deserve. 


 Create An Awakened Love

You will learn the tools needed to breakthrough your barriers to love and begin to create An Awakened Love Story that will last a lifetime.