"Redefining How Women Do Love, Dating, and Marriage"


Drawing from extensive research, personal insights, and her expertise as a certified Relationship Leader, Angela Carr Patterson is on a mission to empower women to revolutionize their approach to love, unveiling the path to An Awakened Love. The quest for love might seem elusive to many, leading to doubts about its possibility. However, Angela assures you that not only is finding love within your reach but it is also destined to be part of your journey.

This transformation begins by confronting and navigating through the deep-seated, often unnoticed patterns that have historically blocked you from attaining the fulfilling relationship you yearn for and rightfully deserve. Recognizing these issues is a start, but true change requires healing, evolving, and moving beyond them to embrace the love that is meant for you.

Whether you're navigating the complexities of a current relationship, seeking to enhance your relational skills, or re-entering the dating world with uncertainty, Angela's VIP Day is tailored for you. This program promises enlightenment, confrontation with profound truths, and personal growth that propels you into new realms of love and connection. If you're aiming to draw love into your life, this journey is designed to guide you toward achieving An Awakened Love.

 Awaken Your Love Life

The fabric of our human connections is under strain. If the bonds within our relationships continue to weaken, the impact ripples through our families, communities, and, ultimately, our nations. My mission is centered on empowering women to transform their approach to love, dating, and marriage. Women possess a natural capacity for love that is deep and enduring. Yet, the challenge often lies in navigating the complexities of sustaining a relationship.

The VIP Day Experience is designed to provide a profound exploration of your role in your relationships. It offers a suite of tools, strategies, and practices aimed at fostering a resilient, enduring love. Join me for a journey towards discovering an Awakened Love, one that promises to enrich your life and those around you for years to come.





What’s Included in Your VIP Day Experience?


Identify Your Love Archetype

You will take our Love Archetype Quiz to learn how you have been showing up in your relationships and what you can improve upon. 


Heal Your Beliefs Around Love

Beliefs dictate what we think, say and do and can serve as barriers to love. You will transform your beliefs into new ones that will get you the kind of love you deserve. 


 Create An Awakened Love

You will learn the tools needed to breakthrough your barriers to love and begin to create An Awakened Love Story that will last a lifetime.