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WE ARE LOOKING FOR SERIOUS, MOTIVATED ORGANIZATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO TRULY WANT to be apart of the solution of helping females to heal and flourish beyond fatherlessness. 


The Work: Our Approach


Angela Carr Patterson searched everywhere for something that would address the unique needs of females who grew up fatherless.  She found none. What she did discover were many forums and platforms that brought about the awareness of the impact of fatherlessness, but none that would offer any sustainable, real result-driven modalities for healing and progression. This hidden, muted, and unrecognizable pain lives in the soul of 2 out of 3 females and can follow them for a lifetime if not properly addressed. Therefore, Angela decided to create such a platform and program to help rewrite this tragic story. For 12 years, she founded and operated The Fatherless Daughters Network, an online global platform dedicated to helping women and girls around the world to heal their daddy wounds.  


While she no longer operates the Network, Angela has created a groundbreaking framework, ”The Journey to Being Process™” to help continue the work done through the network. The Journey to Being Process™ is a captivating path of self-discovery, growth, and empowerment. The program is based on a belief that a Fatherless Daughter’s Core issue is the result of a misplaced sense of identity and an intense desire to be loved, valued, and validated.


As females, we receive our identity through our paternal relationships and connections. When this relationship bond fails to exist, we spend our entire lives searching for significance and love through paths that do not serve us. Yet, our pain will NEVER HEAL, until we heal our misplaced sense of identity. Because of this misplaced sense of identity, we struggle with feelings of rejection, inadequacy, and insecurity. This causes many fatherless daughters to view themselves inaccurately. 


Our lives will never be different from who our self-image says we are and it dictates everything we think, say, and do. Yet, when we release that old limiting self-image and begin to see ourselves as who and what we really are: we will automatically become that person. With a new and authentic self-image of a person who is valued, healed, and lovable, we will no longer search for validation outside of ourselves. When this shift happens, our thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors change and will we become exactly who we were meant to be. 


The Journey to Being Process ™Program


Step by step, we'll help participants navigate the intricacies of personal development, providing the tools and knowledge they need to embark on this transformative voyage. With the guidance of expert mentors and a supportive community, they explore various aspects of your life, unravel limiting beliefs, and embrace new perspectives.


Immersed in an array of engaging activities, thought-provoking workshops, and dynamic discussions that challenge their mindsets and expand their horizons, from mindfulness practices to goal setting, from emotional intelligence to resilience building, we cover a wide range of topics essential for personal growth.


Our approach is holistic, recognizing the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. Through tailored exercises and sessions, and physical well-being practices, participants cultivate a harmonious balance within, enhancing their overall sense of wellness.


The structure of “The Journey to Being Process™” rests upon 3 Pillars framed around the unique needs of unfathered women and girls. They are:

  1. Redefine who you are beyond your fatherlessness.
  2. Reclaim your value and worth through actualizing the power of self-love.
  3. Rewrite a new narrative for your life to create hope and a clear vision for your future.


Partner w/ Us and Together We Can Rewrite This Tragic Story!


Our progressional training will give your organization everything needed to facilitate ongoing workshops, seminars, and events, live or online to meet a wide range of needs. This comprehensive program can serve as a stand-alone program or it can be integrated into your existing offerings. Everything you’ll learn will be very practical and will prepare you and your team to facilitate a Journey to Being™ session with confidence, clarity, and courage.


By partnering with us, your organization can make a profound difference in the lives of fatherless women and girls within your community. The Journey to Being Process™ offers a comprehensive curriculum that includes workshops on personal development and emotional well-being. You will become experienced mentors providing guidance and support, helping participants build resilience and overcome obstacles they may face due to their unique circumstances.


Furthermore, partnering with us will not only bring about positive change but also enhance your organization's reputation as a leader in community outreach and social responsibility. Together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of fatherless women and girls, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.


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The Training:

  • Is all online and you can take up to six weeks or six months to complete. Learn at your own pace.
  • It includes the Journey to Being Process™ 6 Module Curriculum
  • Your organization will receive a Fatherless Daughter Advocate Certificate and a lifetime license to the IP.  


This Certification Training is for you if...

  • You want to take advantage of this groundbreaking work by Angela Carr Patterson, the creator of The Journey to Being Process™.
  • You are determined  and committed to helping women/girls deepening their healing and transformation.
  • You are interested in being an agent for change that fatherless females need so badly.
  • You are focused on finding possibilities to improve the lives of women and girls.
  • You value collaboration, connection and cooperation when it comes to serving women and girls. 
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Online Training will provide you: 

  • Access to our members platform where you’ll find everything you need for your training.
  • 24/7 Access to our very practical, recorded video classes you can watch as many times as you need.
  • All course materials ready to download and print.

This training has been designed so you will:

  • Achieve a deep personal transformational process that will trigger your own healing and self-empowerment in yourself and others. 
  • Learn how to identify in yourself and others the blocks, barriers, and beliefs that have been preventing you from living the life you desire and deserve.
  • Release your own obstacles and guide others to release their own, accessing their potential for freedom, wellbeing and love.
  • Become a trusted authority in supporting other fatherless women and girls to transform their lives and flourish beyond fatherlessness.



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A Note From Angela Carr Patterson: 

I am committed to helping rewrite the tragic story of fatherlessness among women and girls. I personally know the power of healing and transformation to create a new narrative for our lives. Because I too was a fatherless daughter. I also understand that this will take the efforts of many to do this work and this is why I need people like you who are willing to partner with me on this journey. To learn more about my story, Click Here and you then will understand why it is so important to for us to partner together.  We speak as one, but in many ways. It's the power of a collective voice. 

Fatherless Daughter Advocate Certification Program Overview


The Journey to Being Process™ Program Curriculum At-a-Glance:

  • The Making of a Fatherless Daughter
  • The Fatherless Daughters Archetype System
  •  Patterns and  Behaviors of a Fatherless Daughter 
  • The Daddy Love Style and The Impact on a Daughter
  • The 4 P's to Fatherhood: What Every Daughter Needs from Her Father
  • Beautiful Awakened Girls Summit (Ages 13-19)
  • The 7-Step Journey to Journey to Being Process™: Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness
  • Becoming a Fatherless Daughter Advocate


Certification & Online Training Includes:

  • 24/7 Access to Online Training Portal
  • 24/7 Access to The Coaches Cafe Club Portal: Empowering Speakers, Teachers, Coaches & Content
  • Your Presence on Official Website as a Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate
  • On-Going Support: Quarterly Advocate Zoom Sessions
  • Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate Certificate and Badge 


Training and Certification Program Includes: 

  • 6 Powerful Modules
  • Instructor's & Participant's Workbook for Each Module
  • PowerPoint Presentation/Script for Each Module
  • Engaging and Powerful Activities/Exercises.
  • Press Release Samples
  • Marketing Tools/Graphics and Logos
  • Ongoing Quarterly Support Zoom Sessions



Enroll Your or Your Organization to Become a Certified Fatherless Daughter Advocate!

The Program Includes All of the Above: 

Total Investment: $6500   


(Payment Plan Available: Contact Us)

Note: If you do not desire to use our online Training Portal, we can facilitate a LIVE or VIRTUAL Training for your team/staff at an additional rate. 


What Happens Once You Enrolled

You Will Receive an Email within 24 Hours Containing The Link and Passcode to Our Online Training Portal to Gain Access to the Online Training Course. Note: All Payments are Non-Refundable and Non-Transferrable.


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